An API to bind them all


So let’s see, we have half a dozen picture sites (ex. Flickr), a half a dozen blog sites (ex. Blogger), half a dozen social network sites (ex. Facebook) and just about everyone has a different collection of sites that they use. Some use Xanga and Facebook, some use Flickr and Blogger, some just like LiveJournal and mySpace. ItÂís such a mess. I think there is a high demand for a portal of sorts which can tie all of these services together into one. Even go as far as tying all of the APIs that are out there into one application.

Imagine: you log in and you see your friends from all the sites that you have accounts in like Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, and mySpace. Then you request more information about a person and you get a meshup version of their profile based on all the services which they use (and you have access to as well). You can then continue to request more information such as calling up googleMaps and so on.

Considering the abundance of information which is out there, if a service could consolidate all of this information in a slick way, it would make heads spin. This would be the holy grail of web 2.0. ItÂís even worth leaving school and working just on this for a semester, perhaps this is the new pot of gold waiting to be discovered.