Pierce 206


I believe my prayers have been answered from last year. I have gone from a room surrounded by chaos to a sanctuary of peace. The location the the Alumni quad is not amazing, and definitely not a place to walk at night however the quad is nothing like the neighborhood. The building is from the 1900s but in very good shape. Everything is nicely painted and well kept. There is a piano in the main entrance even. My room faces the center of the quad which has a large patch of grass and you get the lovely view of the three other 3 other buildings. Then there is the room itself. Its even bigger than the room at home. It has 2 small walking closets and the floor space makes my room look empty. I will actually have to by furniture to make my room look nicer. Still, the room is 2 times the one I have at home. Now I see why its the most expensive room (but most definitely worth it). The bathrooms are also very well kept and I don’t think I will be reluctant to use them.

Then we have the building it self which happens to be 24/7 quiet. I heard many people telling me to be cautious about this and to a great degree they were right to warn me. It is so quiet and isolated that what is heaven right now could quickly become hell. Everyone here has there own life already. There is no ‘meeting your neighbor’ or ‘orientation’. Everyone here has there own already very defined group of friends and they know what they are doing. If I am to get occupied with something it will be outside this building for sure.