After one week here I have seen enough to tell me that I should start writing some of this stuff down. But first I should give a brief introduction.

Let’s start with the setting. My suit has three rooms, each one with two people. These three rooms are connected by a main lounge area where the desks for the computers live. A bathroom is also connected to the lounge area.

Now for the inhabitants of the 13th floor of the Statesmen Tower. They don’t really deserve names so I’ll give them other ones or no names at all. First we have a chubby one, he is really stupid but his side kick is smart and he puts him in place (Room # 1). This one actually has a future and is trying to quit smoking. Than we got the two real addicted kids, those wont last freshmen year so I’m sure in one of my entries I’ll describe them getting expelled (Room # 3). And finally there is me and my roommate (Room #2). He is really into European soccer but he is extremely shy so despite the fact that we have been eating dinner/lunch/breakfast together – we rarely talk.

I think this covers just about everything.

People around here are starting to run out of money so more and more they are staying home. So last night I had the lovely company of the one who is trying to quit smoking. We talked a lot, he isn’t bad. It just sucks that he’s stuck in a dorm where you can smeel weed and yet he is trying to stop. Other than that, I think there was a party or something in the room next to mine, they were definitely high and two girls left this morning so the party must have been good.