An interesting first year


This first year of college has been very interesting. There are too many things that come up when I think about it, such as the day I woke up with a crust of ice on my window, or the numerous dinners with Bill (my roommate), or the many nights which I learned all about what goes on inside someone that takes drugs. And from the one year there, I noticed I never wrote anything substantial about it, so.. with no further ado, here goes all my memories from this past (first) year of college.

My Suitmates and Roommate

Bill (Roommate) In the span of a year we probably did not talk with each other for more than 30 minutes total. Not, me for I’m social and not shy at all. He read Atantic Monthly, had something for Russian, plans on graduating in 3 years with a major in Finances.

Matt The shortest in the room, but also the only one with a girlfriend. He doesn’t seem to be that intelligent but he knows how to be cool. He was also prety fit and workedout quite a bit. He had this thing of waking up Brat (soon to come) with the most abnocious and loud yell I have heard. He has some sense, and as long as he doesn’t get caught he should be alright.

Colin Slightly less lucky than Matt (they were roommates) and did get caught enough to probably be not in school, but yet here he is. His best skill was probably playing video games for 48 hours straight.

Brat He is just a big fat boy who could belongs in middle school (I have nothing agaist him). His brain is just slightly small. He never showered, he could not really talk, and he made girly sounds when watching Colin played some game. Classes were not on his list of priorities or at least not on his top 100. He also managed to get a .8 GPA in his first semester of college.

Ryan I probably learned more from him than from anyone in college. Not anything that will change my world, but the conversations which I doubt he was even aware of having with me were quite interesting. If nothings goes wrong with him, he has a great potential except that his choice in friends are not great.

Spots of Time

  • Waking up with a thick crust of ice on all the windows of my room.
  • Late arivals to my room after an unforgetable time back home seeing Brienne and still thinking (and a lot)
  • Waking up with the sun in my face early in the morning.
  • Studying in the Campus Center late at night
  • Christmas carols, happiest hours singing ever (and there are a lot of hours let me tell you)
  • The smell of illegal activity creaping from the heater
  • Watching the sunset everyday and thinking that the sumset could be seen from Hopewell
  • Waking Friday mornings to work on my independent study project
  • Watching Ryan walking back and forth, and seeing one single AIM window open (sometimes none at all)
  • Long conversations in the common area late at night
  • Falling asleep while looking at the distant airport from my window
  • Sometimes opening my top drawer just to see the picture
  • Unclamed condom in the bathroom floor, later that weekend Colin’s father walked in and all that could be hear was “Oh Lord”
  • Walmart candy shopping
  • The new craving for Christmas Cookies
  • Watching Bill take 2 showers in the span of 8 hours (before sleep and on waking up)
  • Brat coming out of his hole twice in the span of 3 days
  • Helping people in the library with math
  • Wild parties outside my bedroom door and waking up with people sleeping all over the floor
  • Crazy taxi driver rides to the train station
  • Sleepless nights thinking of…