Office hours


Professors always stress that you should go see them during their office hours and for the most part I always thought of that as being silly specially if you didn’t have any questions. But now having my own office hours I see what they actually were requesting: entertainment. Office hours are about the most wasteful things in the world if no one comes to see you. You sit and wait for people. Office hours aren’t long enough for you to actually get stuff done, and yet they are long enough to waste precious time in your day.

Every time I have office hours I crave for someone to show up. I don’t care for what reason, anything will be more entertaining than me sitting and staring at the wall. There is also something amazing if you do decide to show up to one’s office hours. They will remember that you came. And who knows, they might even be nice to you when they have to grade something. Let’s be honest, the grading of most things is the most random task one can do. It’s all about the mood and bias the grader has. And that is why everyone should go to everyone else’s office hours. Make people with office hours happy. Please.