Let’s be honest – your grades ain’t too high


Today I can proudly say that I wrote my name at least 40 times (plus addresses and what not). I actually have a bubble on one of my fingers.

So I went down to my advisor’s hobbit hole, since not only is it underground without any windows and full of trash (I mean valuable outdated things from computer science), but he looks like one, yes a real living hobbit. All he really needs is a pipe. So after an hour of conversing (at a rate of at most 10 words an hour, that’s with every other word being repeated at least twice) we got to the nasty subject that he, yes my advisor, has to fill out transfer forms. I can’t believe I am the first to ask, but he sure seemed lost. He took things way to literally, like thinking that because it said ‘Dean’ or ‘Counselor’ it didn’t mean him. He managed to divert almost all of the forms because ‘they weren’t meant to be filled out by him’. So… I called every school and asked about it, and they told me he was the man to do it. I don’t think he thought I would conclude that in under 10 minutes. Maybe I should bake him cookies to show my appreciation, because I would hate to have that job just as much as he is probably hating it.

And my favorite, they seem to love confusing my poor hopes. First he started with – “Well… I really shouldn’t be doing this because, let’s be honest.. your grades ain’t too hot. I really can only say that I can’t tell if you are talented or not since you haven’t taken many advanced classes…”. But then I said that I wasn’t planning on really getting in to any school and he told “Eh.. you have a pretty good chance, like hmm.. where is it.. here, Cornel”. WTF!

And now off I go, while missing Choir (which means I probably just lost any hope of getting an A in that class), to talk to my professor who has disappeared for the past two weeks because he had a kid. He is the dude that will ultimately decide if I get into any school or not. So with that in mind. I should find out if he had a son or daughter and by him a nice gift. Maybe a Pooh bear.