Catching up with Academia


Science libraries are proof that what one is taught in class is miles away from what is actually being studied in academia. Sure there are honor seminars and things of that nature however much is never spoken about. True that most (99%) of the population does not need to know about rings and non-monotonic theories, however shouldn’t everyone know that more complex ideas do exist? In Catholicism most who practice know little of the theology but they are all aware that the Pope does more than just wave his hand. A vast majority of students in CS are aware that many interesting solutions exist to every day problems but would have no clue on how to find those solutions. Problems such as which solutions are currently thought to be the best and which ones are being developed at the moment are unimaginable questions for a standard student to deal with (much less find a solution).

Thus, when it comes to trying to go into higher education, one immediately encounters the first barrier: gaining understanding of where academia is. Everything taught in a 400 level course ends in the 80′s at best and the student is left stranded on an island which no longer is inhabited. Sometimes he sees smoke in the distance of a ship. Unfortunately in this world the speed of light is very slow and by the time the smoke is detected the ship is far gone.