All declared


Maybe God does exist after all for I have been permitted to declare my Major despite having a fraction of the credits that I should have in order to do so. So what does this mean? Well, first of all, I get an actual advisor from the Computer Science department and one from the Philosophy department (since I’m double majoring one being a combined BS/MA degree) to guide me through the selection of courses. Another extra gift is that I will actually have two extra professors to give me letters of recommendation this spring when I will make my first attempt to transfer to a better school. Usually, at SUNY A., you have to be at least a Junior to declare a major, I’m a Freshmen.

All of this does make me think if it would be wise to transfer after all. In 4 years I could graduate with one major and a masters at the ripe age of 22. No other school, I think, could offer such an opportunity. And despite this school being at the lowest ranking in US schools, I will still have a damn good transcript at the end. So, who knows, maybe staying would be the wiser decision after all.