5 good grades is all I need


Some talk too much because they have so little to say. I think too much because I have little to think about. Along side millions of thoughts that are going through my head the only one I seem to have some control over is my GPA. Up until now I have always been afraid of really calculating my GPA and the real chances of me being able to do the BS/MS Computer Science program. After 1 hour of math and possible combinations of grades I have discovered that itÂís not so impossible for my GPA to go up enough for me to be illegible. All I need is the following.

  • No grade can be below B+
  • I require either
    • 3 A’s and 2 B+’s (all 3 credit courses)
    • 1 A (4 credit), 2 A’s and a B+

I have never had these many good grades in my life, but itÂís the only way that I can even consider doing my masters. All I need at the moment are 5 good grades to cancel all the bad ones I have had in the past and from there on I only have to be careful and continue with a B+ average. All of this would be ground breaking for I have never done this well academically. On the bright side though, this is a lot easier to do than to try to find my college experience which at the moment does not exist and has no sign of existing. Sigh